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The Southern California American Society of Landscape Architects (SCCASLA) Mentor Program is offered to unite and utilize the talents of landscape architecture students and emerging professionals with licensed landscape architects through the nurturing of a one-to-one relationship that contributes to the integrity, strength and success of personal and professional development. This will be achieved by building a reservoir of networking relationships, continuing education, and enthusiasm that will be mutually beneficial to both Mentors and Mentees. Participants in the program will have the opportunity to develop individual relationships to a level they deem appropriate.

Our mission is to provide landscape architecture Mentees with Mentors who can share their real world experiences, information, encouragement, advice, and access to networks for professional and business growth.

This professional development opportunity is offered specifically to ASLA members and might be one of the most valuable resources offered. It provides an opportunity for Mentees to meet and be coached by licensed landscape architects from the business community.

Through an application process, we match Mentees and Mentors basedon their experience, businessbackground, career aspiration, and professional interests.  A solid and diverse network of regional business professionals and alumni serve as the Mentors share perspectives on their professional experience.

A number of criteria will be considered when matching Mentees with Mentors in order to foster the most valuable mentoring experience. These criteria include, but are not limited to, professional interests, community involvement and leadership position, and desired distance of travel for meetings. Should you know anyone who may be interested in this program, please forward them this information. The Mentor Program requires a six month commitment beginning in January and ending in June. At the end of the six month cycle, both Mentor and Mentee should be empowered to continue growing and thriving together. We encourage continued building of your collaborative relationship.

Who are the Mentors? 
The “Mentor Pool” is comprised of active full members of ASLA who have a strong belief in the power of mentoring, are interested in promoting leadership within the landscape architecture field and who wish to make a personal contribution to the professional lives of others while enriching their own.

Who are the Mentees? 
The “Mentee Pool” is comprised of active Associate and student members of ASLA who have a strong belief in the power of mentoring, are interested in learning more about the landscape architecture field, learning from their colleagues within the field and who wish to expand and enrich their professional experience.

Key Factors for Success

  • A successful Mentor Program depends on several key factors:
    • Mentors and Mentees clearly define and understand the roles and responsibilities of all participants. (see Responsibilities section)
    • Participants focus on action plans for development.
    • There is appropriate recognition and acknowledgment of the value and benefits this program offers to both the Mentor and the Mentee.
    • A risk-free environment is established in support of an open and trusting relationship.
    • Feedback on the success of the program is collected, evaluated, and acted upon after completion.

Should you know anyone who may be interested in this program, please forward them this information. 


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